Trading 212 Equity

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Trading 212 Equities trading

Equities are real stocks which you can buy and sell directly on stock markets like the London Stock Exchange, NYSE, NASDAQ and Deutsche Börse.
Buying Equities means you are taking an ownership stake of an underlying stock, which makes you a shareholder in the company. As a shareholder you are entitled to vote on major issues, receive dividends and are eligible for a final distribution in the event of corporate liquidation.

How to trade Equities?

With Trading 212 you can trade stocks in the form of Equities and in the form of CFDs.
To find Equities on Trading 212 platform look for the instruments marked with the “EQ” label.

While most brokers charge commissions and transaction costs, Trading 212 group provide 10 commission-free* deals every month and free real time quotes. To ensure the best price the group route client orders directly to the relevant stock exchange for premium execution.

It is important to know that Equities are traded with no leverage at Trading 212 and you cannot short sell.

After 10 free trade per month the Trading 212 Equities fee is £1.95+0.05% per deal.

Trading 212 Equity review

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